Hurricane Edouard

Although Atlantic Hurricane Edouard is not a threat to any populated areas, he is still of high interest to NOAA researchers and tropical Meteorologists. A fleet of NOAA aircraft deployed to investigate this Category 3 hurricane early this morning. By 18Z (2 pm EST), Edouard’s maximum 1-minute sustained 10-meter wind speeds were observed to be around 100 kts. Impressive satellite imagery revealed very well-defined eye. Edouard is projected to maintain Major Hurricane status through 00Z (8 pm EST) this evening and then gradually weaken to Tropical Storm strength by the 19th as it continues to recurve to the Northeast.


We provide mission-critical hurricane data to industry, businesses and government for situational awareness, decision-support, impact assessment, emergency management, response / recovery, and forensic reconstruction.

We answer the questions: "What is the storm doing now? What happened?"

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We acquire real-time data from sources all over the globe. We then extract the signal from the noise through standardization, state-of-the-art quality control, and objective analysis to provide an accurate, objective, observation-based map of the locations being impacted by the storm.

Our patented storm destructive potential scale technology accurately depicts both intense compact hurricanes and low-intensity, broad wind field storms capable of forcing episodic storm surge and wave impacts.


We invented real-time hurricane wind field assessment. Our products have become the standard for evaluating insurance industry risk models and numerical weather forecast models.

Our products are built on the bedrock of award winning applications and published scientific methods that have been cited by hundreds of scientists in peer-reviewed, journal publications.

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Real-Time Wind Analysis of the

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season